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Mashirito Almighty!? is the 167th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga series.


Mashirito commands Caramel Man 007 to destroy the traitor - Obotchaman. Obotchaman disavows his father. Obotchaman dodges Caramel Man 007’s stomping right foot. He jumps onto Caramel Man 007, hopping along his right arm to reach his face. Obotchaman punches Caramel Man 007 in his face and jumps down to the ground. Caramel Man 007 doesn’t feel a thing. Mashirito prepares Caramel Man 007 to fire a bazooka blast. Meanwhile, the flying gatchans playing with poop-on-a-stick, spot Caramel Man 007. Mashirito fires a bazooka blast from Caramel Man 007’s left arm which hits Obotchaman. The impact makes Obotchaman fly through the air; he lands on the ground. The gatchans see this and one of them pushes Caramel Man 007 to the ground. Mashito makes Caramel Man 007 fire another bazooka blast at gatchan. This does nothing to gatchan. Gatchan flies towards Caramel Man 007’s head and is swallowed by him. Since Caramel Man 007’s jaw is made of rubber, Mashirito is certain that gatchan cannot eat his way out. Mashirito is shocked when he finds the other gatchan on his head since he doesn’t know that there are two of them.

Volume 14: The Indestructible Caramel Man 007!
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