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Mashirito Doll is a doll that Space Overlord Mashirito received as a wedding present from his servant, Toribot.

Mashirito doll 2


Mashirito Doll's first and only appearance is in Dr. Slump: Hoyoyo! Space Adventure.

Mashirito disliked the doll because he claims it doesn’t look like him and has a face that’s too pervy.

Later in the film, the doll is used as a bribe gift for Senbei and his gang to leave his wedding ceremony. Though the doll costs something for them to leave. Mashirito prices the doll at 1600 ¥ (about 15 dollars USD), but drops the price to 1550 ¥ because he was “feeling generous”. Senbei and the others reject the doll’s offer and Mashirito puts it away, never to be seen again.