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Mecha Senbei

Mecha Senbei is a robot that looks like Senbei Norimaki. It appears in the chapters "Metropolis Island: Part 1" and "2".



Senbei breaks the manchine he used to control Mecha Senbei

Senbei is invited on a TV show on Metropolis Island to show one of his inventions. He does not want to return there because he remembers rumors stating that he city is particularly scary, so he uses Mecha Senbei to replace him in the TV broadcast. Senbei controls the robot while staying at the Norimaki Residence, and wins the contest over Dr. Umashika and his invention, Hanako, thanks to it. Shortly later, he looses control over the robot, which begins destroying the city with Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, Chivil, and Oinkety Oink who are playing outside.