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  • Hello. I am a huge Dr. Slump fan, and I've been considering recently the possibility of starting work here, but for a long time I've been a bit dissatisfied with this wiki, and I considered speaking with the higher ups at Dragon Ball wiki if they'd consider like, a merger or something? If that's cool with you? I think the series might find a broader audience there? Or, if not I'd like to start cleaning this place up a bit. I see it hasn't been touched in months, and it makes me a bit sad, ya know? Any thoughts?

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    • Yeah, I get that. And thank you!

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    • Okay, so I fiddled with the navbozes a bit, and honestly, I am not satisfied. At any rate, I got some semblance of little images for their series appearances, but they're all vertical, and for the moment I cannot find an answer to that. Any ideas?

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