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Midori's mother is the unnamed mother of Midori.


Dr. Slump: Hoyoyo! Space Adventure[]

Midori tells Senbe about how when she was a child, she went to an amusement park on Metropolis Island. However, while she was there, she ended up losing her parents. She finds a spacecraft nearby and walks in it in her curiosity. The rocket takes off into space and to Planet Takeya-Saodake. She meets King Saodake and Queen Takeya, the rulers of the planet. They adopt her since they always wanted a child. However, Midori wished to go back home and after locating her biological parents again, she eventually did. Presumably, Midori reunited with her mother after this.

Yay! Fairy Tale Land!![]

Arale, the Gatchans, Turbo and Midori put on a puppet show for Senbei. It shows the events similarly to Space Adventure, with young Midori at a fair. However, her mother is represented as a puppet and is shown through the story. Midori ends up losing her mother there as well. At the end of their puppet show, they demonstrate how Midori's immediate family have helped her get over the loss and that she loves them, and Senbei, very much.


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