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Female tori-bot remake

Miss. Akiko in the remake

Miss. Akiko is a maid robot created by Senbei Norimaki.


Penguin Grand Prix[]

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Miss. Akiko wants to give Senbei a haircut

Miss. Akiko debuts in the chapter Leave It to Akiko. She looks like a female version of Tori-bot (as Tori-bot remarks himself). After her creation, she wants to cut Senbei's hair, and he finishes bald. She then obliges Arale Norimaki and Gatchan to do their homeworks, and ends beaten by Arale. When she returns to the house, she cooks several veriety of ramen for Senbei and stuffs him with it. She kills an insect using a mouth wave technique similar to Arale's N'cha Cannon. Miss. Akiko then obliges Senbei to go to bed early, and sings a lullaby about Gamera. She wakes the Norimaki family up early for morning sport, and leaves the Norimaki Residence when Senbei tries to desactivate her. Miss. Akiko then begins to work as a waitress in the Coffee Pot the same morning.

In the chapter's anime adaptation, her story continues where she quickly quits the Coffee Pot and works at other places around Penguin Village such as Soramame Barber Shop, becoming a fire fighter that ruins Old Woman Spring's Tobacco stand and even a member of the Penguin Village Police Force who puts Gala and Pagos behind bars. After gaining lots of money from various businesses in town, Akiko moves to Metropolis Island.

Other Media[]

Dr. Slump remake[]

In the 1997 Dr. Slump remake, Miss. Akiko appears as a waitress in the Coffee Pot.