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Momotaro is a fictional character originally from the story Momotaro The Peach Boy that ends up living in Penguin Village and is a student in Penguin Village Middle School in Midori Yamabuki's class.


Early Life[]

He originally lived as a character in the story of Momotaro The Peach Boy. In the original Momotaro fable, he was born from a large peach which floats down a river and is found by an elderly couple who have no children.

Even though he was brought outside of the story by Arale Norimaki using the Fairy Tale Machine, He was already seen in Penguin Village multiple times before that event.

The Birth of Arale[]

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Momotaro first chapter

Momotaro at the coffee pot

He first appears in The Birth of Arale at the Coffee Pot, when Senbei Norimaki introduces Arale Norimaki to Aoi Kimidori.

In Here Comes Arale, he is seen on Arale's first day of school at P.E. class where he witnesses Arale throw a ball really far and at the end of the school day getting ready to leave.

Arale on the Loose[]

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Arale arrived in his timeline using the Time Slipper in A Far and Distant Seashore.

Earth S.O.S.![]

Momotaro wonder island

Momotaro on Wonder Island

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In Hello, Wonder Island, Momotaro is seen on Wonder Island.

In The Fairy Tale Machine, Arale goes into Momotaro's story and interrupts the story and ends up pulling him outside of it never returning and living in Penguin Village.

Monsters' Night[]

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Momotaro is briefly seen among Arale's classmates in The Big-City Student.



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