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Mr. Sarada is the father of the Sarada Residence in Penguin Village. He has three daughters: Kinoko's older sister, Kinoko Sarada, and Kinoko's little sister Retasu Sarada. Just like his wife Mrs. Sarada, his character design differs between the manga, Dr. Slump & Arale-Chan and the Dr. Slump Remake.


He is first seen in the chapter and episode titled "Kinoko on the Loose". He was the reason Kinoko ran away, by eating the strawberry on her cake, which she was saving for last. Kinoko got angry and left her home, only to come back after finding out how hard life on the road is.

He later appears in "Penguin Village Wars, Part 2", when Dr. Mashirito and Caramel Man 003 destroy their house to bring the Planetary Defense Academy. He is also appears in "A Very Painful Christmas".


  • In the Dr. Slump manga, Mr. and Mrs. Sarada are based off of the mascot of confectionary store and candy company Fujiya Co., Peko-chan. Their designs were likely changed in the anime adaptation due to concerns over copyright infringement.