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Mr. Time is a living clock that is part of Senbei Norimaki's invention, the Time Slipper. He uses a board to travel through time and says "T-t-t-time Slip!" whenever he, and whoever else are touching the board, need to travel to a different time period. Later in the manga, it is revealed that any smooth surface can be used, so Mr. Time uses Peasuke Soramame's head as a time travel surface. Also, Mr. time can stop time by saying "T-t-t-Time Stop!"


The Birth of Arale[]

Arale Riding Time Slipper

Mr. Time taking Arale through time

Main article: Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
He is first seen being worked on by Senbei in 1980: Living for Tomorrow! In The Time Slipper he is officially finished and Senbei shows him to Arale Norimaki and takes her through time where she meets Urashima Taro.

In The Mysterious Egg, Mr. Time takes Senbei, Arale and Peasuke Soramame to the prehistoric ages to capture a dinosaur but instead get an egg that hatched Gatchan.

Arale on the Loose[]

Main article: Volume 2: Arale on the Loose
Outside of using it for time travel, Mr. Time is often used to wake Arale Norimaki up.[1]

Earth S.O.S.![]

Main article: Volume 3: Earth S.O.S.!
On the covers of "The Fairy Tale Machine" and "Scoundrel in a Skirt!", he shows Senbei, Midori Yamabuki, Taro Soramame, Akane Kimidori, and Peasuke their ages in 1970 and then again in 1985.

Monsters' Night[]

Main article: Volume 5: Monsters' Night
Mr. Time is also seen playing with the Boxe Game characters and the K-9 Robot at night in the Norimaki Residence.[2] Mr. Time is seen in the morning brushing his teeth along with Gatchan, and then having breakfast, eating batteries.[3]

Penguin Grand Prix[]

Main article: Volume 8: Penguin Grand Prix
He appears in the chapter "The Ho-yo-yo Gang, Part 2" to tell time.

Other Media[]

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