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Namaneko is a stray cat in Penguin Village.


Our Little House / The Miniature House of Our Dreams[]

Arale and Akane found the cat and it was really hungry. Akane fed the cat rice, but they didn't like it. Arale tried to see if he wanted Peasuke's Fish, but it was not hungry for it either. After they give up, Taro ends up forcing the cat to fetch a ball for a while. When Namaneko got bored, it went back to Arale and Akane who were in Senbei's lab. While he was testing his Dream House invention, Namaneko eats the model Senbei made and falls on the model house, which then curses the house making everybody run out quickly. Outside, Midori drives over to the house which Senbei tells to hide and play dead because of the huge version of Namaneko which will end up doing the event that happened in the small version of the house and Senbei.