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Nekotora-7 (ネコトラセブン) is a superhero character who makes minor appearances in Dr. Slump. In his transformed state, Nekotora-7 looks like Ultra Seven (or Ultraman), but with two horns on his head instead of an axe.


The Birth of Arale[]

Senbei Throws Kid

Nekotora-7 getting hit by a kid Senbei throws at him

Main article: Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
He first appears in Here Comes Arale as part of the movie "Nekotoraman vs. Nekotora-7" where he fights against Nekotoraman. Senbei Norimaki and Aoi Kimidori see this movie at the Penguin Village Movie Theater where Senbei gets worked up and ends up throwing a kid sitting in the seat next to him at the screen actually hitting Nekotora-7 in the movie.

While not actually appearing in Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!?, he is shown on the chapter cover playing a card slapping game with Peasuke Soramame.

Arale on the Loose[]

Main article: Volume 2: Arale on the Loose
Nekotora-7 is seen on the roof of the Norimaki Residence with Nekotoraman, Oinkety Oink, and other minor characters in "Arale Flies the Skies!" He also appears on the covers of "Barber Shop Panic: Part 2" and "The Great Strawberry Panties Caper: Part 2".

Earth S.O.S.![]

Main article: Volume 3: Earth S.O.S.!
Nekotora-7 is seen on tree when Arale Norimaki and Gatchan come back to Earth with King Nikochan and his servant in "Earth S.O.S.!: Part 2", on the roof of the Norimaki Residence again with Nekotoraman in "Arale's Big Change", among Arale's classmates in "Citizen Arale", and in a crowd in "Arale Goes on an Errand".

The Happy Doctor[]

Main article: Volume 4: The Happy Doctor
Nekotora-7 announces autumn in "Bye-Bye Super Power!" He is seen in the "Penguin Village S.O.S." chapters, notably when Gamera tells him and Godzilla about Dodongadon's arrival in Penguin Village. He makes a brief appearance in "Gatchan Goes for a Walk", "Sad, Sad Santa", and "Kick the Can" where it is shown that he can fly.

Monsters' Night[]

Main article: Volume 5: Monsters' Night
He transforms at the beginning of the chapter "The Great Arale-Eye Caper: Part 1", and makes the day come using his special powers. Nekotora-7 is seen among Arale's classmates again in "The Big-City Student".

My Toilet Paper[]

Main article: Volume 7: My Toilet Paper
he runs near the Norimaki Residence in "Goo Ga Senbei". Nekotora-7 is seen mocking the Champ's haircut in "Am I Wicked Strong?!"

Penguin Grand Prix[]

Main article: Volume 8: Penguin Grand Prix
He appears on a drawing by Arale in "The Ho-yo-yo Gang, Part 1", and makes a brief appearance in "Penguin Gran Prix, Part 1". He is seen with Gatchan searching Arale, and then playing with Anko, in "Discover The Countryside".