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Obotchaman's Cats are a pair of cats that are owned by Obotchaman.


Who is the World's Number One!![]

Obo cats 6

The kittens in their adoption box

When Arale and her friends are walking home from school, they find a box containing a couple of kittens. The box says that they are two abandoned kittens. Arale takes both of the kittens to her home to keep them, but Senbei overreacts and tells her they can't keep them since he hates cats. Arale takes the kittens to Obotchaman to see if he can keep and care for them. Obotchaman would like to keep them, but he worries about how he can't afford their food.

Arale asks if 400 000 Yen is a lot of money, referring to the upcoming "Who's the Strongest in the World?!" contest being held by Akira Toriyama. Arale ends up participating in the contest to win Obotchaman all the money he needs to feed the kittens. Obotchaman stays back from the contest to care for his new kittens. When Arale ends up winning the contest, she immediately uses all the money to buy a truckload of cat food for the kittens.

We Don't Need these Cats!![]

Obo cats 15

The cat couple's kittens

Obotchaman's cat ends up having a litter of 5 kittens. The mother cat develops a large appetite so she can feed the babies.

This causes a problem since Obotchaman's cat food won't last forever and the food would be gone quickly due to the mother cats cravings. Obotchaman has no choice but to find another home for his cat's kittens. The three decide to take the kittens to the Norimaki Household again in an attempt to give them a home they needed. Just like the previous time, Senbei freaks out at them about his hatred of cats. Arale is more stubborn about keeping the kittens than before, but Senbei continues to object keeping any due to his viewpoint. Akane tells Obotchaman to bring the kittens to school for eager students that would be able to take care of them. Once Obotchaman brings the 5 kittens to school, his classmates all have a large ring of rock-paper-scissors matches to determine who will be able to take home a kitten. 5 students including Peasuke win and take a single kitten to keep. However, once the students take their kittens home, all 5 return back to their parent cats at dawn. This confuses and upsets Obotchaman, since he can't take in all 7 felines due to his lacking job paycheck required to feed and care for them. Arale, Obotchaman, Akane and Peasuke take the cats back to Obotchaman's house to think of another solution to their problem. They decide to walk about Penguin Village with all the felines in boxes, asking people such as Pero to adopt their kittens. That also failed. Desperately, they go door-to-door to find people who will take in the kittens. Back at the Norimaki home, Senbei explains his distaste of cats to Midori. Midori tells him that he should give cats a second chance and that they're known to be lucky. Arale and Obotchaman come across a home with a goat family, who almost take in the kittens. However, the mother goat is very reluctant to the idea even when her son begs her to keep them. They close the door to have dinner. Defeated, Arale and Obotchaman go up a hill with all the cats in the boxes who cried out for food. Moments later, the goat boy runs after them with a large carton of milk. He tells them he wishes to keep them, but his family won't allow it. Despite that, he gives them the milk so the cats have a meal for the night. He goes home after Arale and Obotchaman thank him. They feed the milk to the kittens from their fingertips and eventually Senbei comes by on a motorcycle looking for them. He decides that he wants to give felines a second chance and when he bonds with one of the kittens, Senbei realizes they are not bad after all. Senbei finally agrees to give the 5 kittens a home to Arale's excitement. The kittens don't run away since their parents are nearby at Obotchaman's house. Many children come over to the Norimaki Residence to play with the 5 kittens and Senbei regrets keeping them due to his face being scratched up by them.

Since this is an anime exclusive episode, the 5 kittens don't live in the household in canon, but it's presumed for the rest of the duration of Dr. Slump Arale-chan that they are members of the Norimaki Residence.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball[]

At the Coffee Pot, Obotchaman is seen talking to Akane about how he was going to get a part-time job to feed his cats over spring break.

Dragon Ball Super[]

Obo cats dbs

Obotchaman's Cats in Dragon Ball Super

Obotchaman's cats are seen drinking milk together beside Obotchaman in the beginning segment of the 69th episode of Dragon Ball Super. Their colors have been changed from Black/White to Brown/Beige and Pink to White respectively.