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Oinkety Oink (ブータレブー, Būtarebū), also called Buta is an anthropomorphic pig character who hangs around with Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, and Senbei Norimaki.


The Birth of Arale[]

Main article: Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
He first appears at the beginning of Is It a Girl? Is It a Boy!? holding a swim ring and announcing that summer is coming

Arale on the Loose[]

Main article: Volume 2: Arale on the Loose
He makes minor appearances in "Arale Flies the Skies!", "Arale on the Loose: Part 1", the covers of the "Barber Shop Panic" chapters.

Earth S.O.S.![]

Main article: Volume 3: Earth S.O.S.!
He appears in "The Story of Donbe", "Ladycop Terror" and "Arale's Big Change".

The Happy Doctor[]

Main article: Volume 4: The Happy Doctor
He appears in the "Penguin Village S.O.S." chapters and "Kick the Can".

Monsters' Night[]

Main article: Volume 5: Monsters' Night
He appears in "The Big-City Student" and announces summer again in "Mr. Handy!"

Dr. Mashirito's Ambition[]

Main article: Volume 6: Dr. Mashirito's Ambition
He makes a brief appearance at the end of "Riders at Dawn".


Oinkety Oink during the Penguin Village Wars

Oinkety Oink's first appearance interacting with the Norimaki Family is in the "Metropolis Island" chapters, in which he visits Metropolis Island with Senbei, Arale, Gatchan, and Chivil. He plays war outside with Arale, Gatchan, and Chivil while Senbei is at the TV station. The four of them detroy the city, soon joined by Mecha Senbei.

My Toilet Paper[]

Main article: Volume 7: My Toilet Paper
Oinkety Oink is seen playing with Arale and Gatchan in the Norimaki Residence in the chapter "Witchy Gone Wild", and he runs after Arale and Gatchan with the other Penguin Village residents in the chapter "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!" He is a singer with Gatchan in "Cinderella, the Musical", which is a retelling of the fairy tale Cinderella.

It is shown that Oinkety Oink occasionally sleeps in the Norimaki Residence in "Spluk Spluk Phoo Phoo".

Penguin Village Grand Prix[]

Main article: Volume 8: Penguin Grand Prix
He has other brief appearances in "Leave It to Akiko", the "Penguin Gran Prix" chapters, and "Discover The Countryside".

In the "Penguin Village Wars" chapters, Oinkety Oink joins Suppaman's Planetary Defense Academy with Arale and Gatchan. When Suppaman asks him what his secret is, the pig reveals that he loves Hanako. Oinkety Oink is the reason why Caramel Man 003 is defeated, as he bursts its wheels during the battle.