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P-Man is a caveman from Wonder Island who has a fairy companion.


Wonder Island[]


Furusuni, as a chicken, is mad at P-Man

In Wonder Island, P-Man and his fairy friend meet a suicide bomber pilot named Hisō Furusuni, who is lost on Wonder Island after his plane crashed in the Pacific Ocean during World War II. The try to help him leave the island and go back to Japan, and indroduce him to a gorilla who teaches him hang gliding. Furusuni's attempt fail, and he ends up injured in an accident. After Furusuni received treatment from an angel at P-Man's house, P-Man comes with the idea that Furusuni will be able to fly and go back to Japan if he becomes a bird. The fairy brings a witch, and the witch gives Furusuni a potion that turn him into a chicken, unaware that Furusuni wanted to become a bird in order to gain the ability to fly.


P-Man fires a Mouth Energy Wave at King Ghidorah

In Wonder Island 2, P-Man is seen hatching from an egg. He meets Dirty Harry; who is on Wonder Island looking for a dangerous criminal who has taken refuge there. Shortly later, he cames to the rescue of the inspector and defeats King Ghidorah, firing a Mouth Energy Wave at the monster.

Dr. Slump[]

The Birth of Arale[]

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P-Man and his fairy appear in "Which Will It Be?" among a crowd of many of the club captain's of Penguin Village Middle School trying to recruit Arale Norimaki into their club.

Earth S.O.S.![]

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He appears in Hello, Wonder Island.

Special Abilities[]

  • Flight
  • Mouth Energy Wave