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Panties in the manga

Panties (パンティー) are undergarments usually worn by women. The Penguin Village store known as Briefers sells panties.


They are first seen in the chapter "The Birth of Arale!" and its episode counterpart "Arale-chan's Birth", where Senbei Norimaki has to buy some for Arale Norimaki at The Store. Because he is self-conscious about people thinking he was a pervert, Senbei disguises himself in a school uniform as a girl to buy some. When at the counter asking some, the woman clerk thought they were for Senbei and offered a giant pair with an elephant on them.

Midori Yamabuki's panties are first shown in the chapter "Today Is Truly a Day for Celebration!" In "Farewell, Tsuns", Midori's pink panties are shown as she is floating in the air.