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Penguin village bank anime

Penguin Village bank

Penguin Village Bank is the bank in Penguin Village. It looks like a huge safe.


Penguin village bank

Penguin Village Bank in the manga

Arale Norimaki throws the building at Gala and Pagos to stop them and give them a coin she found on the ground in "Arale on the Loose: Part 1". An alien-like banker who inside when the building was thrown announces that their address has changes.

The bank is mentioned in "Kidnapped!?", when the Bank Robber states that he accidently robbed the Penguin Village Police Station instead of the Penguin Village Bank. It is shown again in "Our Hero, Suppaman", when Suppaman fails to stop a bank robber and then makes it explode with dynamite because the bird-like banker yelled at him.

In "Untouchable", as Kenta Kuraaku, Suppaman attempts to rob the bank, but he is stopped by Arale Norimaki. It is briefly shown in "Suppaman 2", when Kenta Kuraaku pass in front of it.

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