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Penguin Village Grand Prix Part II
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 81
Airdate: November 10, 1982
Opening: Waiwai World (version 2)
Ending: Ale Ale Arale-chan (version 2)
Japanese Title: ペンギン村グランプリ パートII
Rōmaji: Pengin mura guranpuri pāto tsū
Manga Counterpart: Penguin Gran Prix, Part 2
Remake Counterpart: A Kiin Win! Penguin Grand Prix
Previous: Penguin Village Grand Prix
Next: Penguin Village Grand Prix Part III
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Penguin Village Grand Prix Part II (ペンギン村グランプリ パートII Pengin mura guranpuri pāto tsū) is the 81st episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan. It is the second segment of an hour and a half three-parter.


The big race just started! Arale is so fast until she gets past the lake. At the lake, she meets an animal called Rasee and they start playing. While she is playing with Rasee, everybody starts passing her!