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Penguin Village Grand Prix Part III
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 82
Airdate: November 17, 1982
Opening: Waiwai World (version 2)
Ending: Ale Ale Arale-chan (version 2)
Japanese Title: ペンギン村グランプリ パートIII
Rōmaji: Pengin mura guranpuri pāto surī
Manga Counterpart: Penguin Gran Prix, Part 3

Penguin Gran Prix, Part 4

Remake Counterpart: A Kiin Win! Penguin Grand Prix
Previous: Penguin Village Grand Prix Part II
Next: Penguin Village Mystery
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Penguin Village Grand Prix Part III (ペンギン村グランプリ パートIII Pengin mura guranpuri pāto surī) is the 82nd episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan. It is the third and last segment of an hour and a half three-parter.


To save Ms. Yamabuki, who falls down from a cliff, Arale starts running again!! Now, she tries to make it to the goal but Dr. Mashirito tries to stop her with poo!