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The Headmaster is the principal of the Penguin Village Middle School, as well as Midori Yamabuki's boss and a long time friend of Senbei Norimaki.


He sometimes acts childish and will wear and animal hat and ride roller skates around the school halls.


The Birth of Arale[]


Junior High Principal being introduced to Arale

Main article: Volume 1: The Birth of Arale
He first appears in Here Comes Arale where talks with Senbei Norimaki in enrolling Arale into school. The principal questions Senbei as he knew him for a long time and didn't believe that Arale was his sister because his parents died when he was young and is told that Arale is his daughter instead.

In Which Will It Be?, he asks Midori why all the clubs are all lined up and is told that they all want Arale to try out the clubs and pick one to join. He is shocked and falls over at the end when Arale decides to join the Sukeban Deka Club.

Voice Actors[]

  • Masaharu Sato - Original Show
  • Shigeharu Matsuda - 1997 Show
  • Krisnohadi - Original Show (Indonesian dub)
  • Orlando Rivas - Original Show (Latin dub/First Voice)
  • Gustavo Melgarejo Falconi - 1997 Show (Latin dub)
  • Yosodiningrat - 1997 Show (Indonesian dub/First Voice)

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball[]

Penguin village middle school principal dragonball

Goku talks to the Headmaster in Dragon Ball

In the Dragon Ball anime, Goku asks him if he has seen General Blue, but Headmaster shakes his head to say no. Headmaster appears in the anime, but not in the Dragon Ball manga.

Dr. Slump remake[]


Headmaster in the Dr. Slump remake

In the 1997 remake, he looks almost the same, but the color of his vest is gray instead of red and his tie is yellow instead of red.



The Police Commissioner in Tomato