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Penguin Village Wars, Part 3 is the 103rd chapter of the Dr. Slump manga. It is the sequel to "Penguin Village Wars, Part 1" and "Penguin Village Wars, Part 2".


The Planetary Defense Academy finally confronts Dr. Mashirito's army. Suppaman tries to shoot Caramel Man 003 with his gun, but it does not work. He asks Arale Norimaki to attack the robot, but while she is running at it, Caramel Man 003 fires its beam cannon at her, knocking her down. Seeing Arale's defeat, Suppaman decides to join Dr. Mashirito. Oinkety Oink then asks Gatchan to eat Caramel Man 003, but Gatchan is trapped inside the robot's rubber gripper. Oinkety Oink seems to escape. When Arale wakes up, Mashirito launches a Robot Poop to distract her while Caramel Man 003's beam cannon powers up. Oinkety Oink then comes back with a sharpened bamboo and bursts Caramel Man 003's wheels, which allows Arale to easily defeat it. Once freed, Gatchan eats Caramel Man 003, leaving only its rubber gripper. While escaping, Dr. Mashirito is crashed from a pickup truck. In the end, a proud Suppaman announces that justice always triumphs.

Dr. Slump Volume 8: Penguin Grand Prix
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