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The Planetary Defense Academy is a group of heroes in Penguin Village. The faction was created by Suppaman and appears in the "Penguin Village Wars" chapters.


As the Earth to protect is vast, Suppaman decides to create the Planetary Defense Academy and recruits Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, and Oinkety Oink in his faction. They travel on a vehicle called Sky Turbo, which is a cart pulled by Arale. The Planetary Defense Academy confronts Dr. Mashirito and his mighty robot Caramel Man 003 one day after they destoyed the Sarada Residence. During the war, Suppaman betrays the Planetary Defense Academy and joins Dr. Mashirito. Despite this, the Planetary Defense Academy is victorious in the end, thanks to Oinkety Oink who bursts the wheels of Caramel Man 003 during the final battle.


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