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Polly Buckets is an uzi-toting female cop of the Penguin Village police force.


Dr. Slump[]

Arale on the Loose[]

Polly Buckets is first seen in Barber Shop Panic: Part 1 with the rest of the Penguin Village Police Force when a Bank Robber was in the Soramame Barber Shop. She constantly asked Gyaosu if she can shoot fire at the building, but he kept saying no, even when she flirted with him. She also attempted to flirt with Drop-kun, but failed as well.

In Barber Shop Panic: Part 2, she continues to sing the Ultraman theme song where Old Woman Spring left off. She is also seen putting ointment on Gyaosu's head when Kurikinton shot him in the head. Polly is seen among the rest of the rest police force when Arale breaks the moon.

Earth S.O.S.![]


Polly Buckets in the 1997 remake

In Ladycop Terror, Polly Buckets harasses Senbei Norimaki and writes him up for several ridiculous things.

Other Media[]

Dragon Ball series[]

Polly Buckets comes with the rest of the Penguin Village Police Force to find General Blue but ends up finding King Nikochan's spaceship which she and the rest of the force shoot down.

Dr. Slump remake[]

In the 1997 Dr. Slump remake, her hair was changed from blonde to red hair.

Voice actresses[]

  • 1980's Series - Toshiko Fujita
  • 1997 Series - Masako Katsuki
  • 1980's Series (Latin Dub) - Belinda Martinez
  • 1997 Show (Latin Dub) - Irma Carmona


  • It is likely that the bad form for the Dragon Ball character Lunch was based on this character.
  • Hasky from Dragon Ball is also voiced by Toshiko Fujita who voices Polly Buckets in the 1981 anime and in Dragon Ball.
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