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Poot Poot to the Skies! is the 171st chapter of the Dr. Slump manga series.


Senbei finally finishes fixing Arale’s body. Meanwhile Akane is hang-gliding and her friends are looking on, impressed by how brave she is. Taro dares Peasuke to try hang-gliding, however, Peasuke is scared of flying. Taro upsets Peasuke by calling him a wimp.

Senbei picks up Arale and drives back home. At the lab, he reattaches Arale’s head to her fixed body. When Arale tries out a few moves with her repaired body, she emits gas from her bottom. Senbei realizes that he had forgotten to put in the exhaust filtration system.

Arale’s strong farts shoot her through the roof, launching her high into the sky.

Arale lands in a bird’s nest and cries like a chick asking for food. Arale farts again, launching her past a single seater aircraft, into space. When she lands on the moon, astronauts mistake Arale to be an alien.

Arale returns to Earth and calls down to an upset Peasuke. She informs Peasuke that she is flying with her farts. Inspired by this, Peasuke gobbles up sweet potatoes in his mother’s kitchen to build up gas.

Peasuke returns to the top of the cliff, ready to prove to Taro and their friends that he is brave enough to fly. He jumps off when he feels a fart coming and falls to the bottom of the cliff.

Meanwhile, Senbei has fixed Arale’s exhaust filtration system; She cannot fly with her farts any more. Obotchan, well behaved as ever, thanks Senbei for fixing him.

When Peasuke is being stretchered off, Taro admits that his lil brother is very brave.

Volume 14: The Indestructible Caramel Man 007!
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