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Invented by Senbei Norimaki, the Reality Machine is a living, talking, giant electric rice cooker that transforms any pictures that are placed into it into reality.


Dr. Slump[]


The Reality Machine in the Dr. Slump manga

Senbei was originally going to use it to generate a woman out of a pornographic magazine. While someone calls on the phone, Senbei leaves the room with the Reality Machine, so Arale Norimaki puts in the page of the scene and Akane Kimidori puts in a picture of the universe. When Senbei returns, there are multiple copies of things on that page, along with the universe behind them.

The Reality Machine later makes an appearance on the cover of the chapter "Affairs of the Heart!"

Dr. Slump remake[]


The Reality Machine in the Dr. Slump remake

In the Dr. Slump remake, Arale puts the last volume of the Dragon Ball manga into the machine and a black and white version of Goku and Kid Buu fighting each other come out of the Reality Machine.

Dragon Ball Super[]

In Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that Senbei created a new edition of the Reality Machine, which he named the "Reality Machine #2", and it is the invention that made him win the award for the best world invention, and the ceremony was held in West City. Senbei demonstrated the invention by using his imagination to create a girly magazine, and Mr. Satan uses it to create an action figure resembling himself.

Reality Machine -2

Reality Machine #2

Later on while Goku was battling Arale, the Reality Machine #2 was used to conjure Poop-Boy so they could buy time as Arale was entertaining herself poking it. It was then used by everyone in the world watching the conference on their TVs (Bulma used the news video camera to put a picture of it on everyone's screens) to create a single ball of the most delicious foods everyone could imagine, and it was fed to Beerus to convince him to help the group with the playfully rampaging Arale.


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