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Tsun's house

Tsun house in remake


The Tsuns spaceship home

The Reh Tsu Goh (also Reh Tsu Gou, 烈津號) is a spaceship that was originally sent to go to the moon but landed in Penguin Village next to the Norimaki Residence where they decided to stay. In the remake, their house is red instead of black.


Main Room[]

Tsun Family Space Trip

Tsuruten in the main room driving the ship

The main room is the room first seen when entering the ship. It is where it is driven and where the Tsun Family are seen eating.



Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo and Obotchaman in The Bathroom's bathtub

The bathroom is pink and has a Japanese styled bath. It is seen in the episode, "Gatchan You're Great!!" where Obotchaman falls through the roof and lands in the bathtub which Tsuntsunodanoteiyugo Tsun was bathing in at the time.

Tsururin's room[]

Tsururin's room

Tsururin in her bed

Tsururin's room is just like the other rooms. She has a plush bear and toys in the table.


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