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Rocky (ロッキー) is a seven page Dr. Slump spin-off by Akira Toriyama, released in July 1989. Arale Norimaki appears in this story.


The main protagonist of this story, Rocky, looks like Suppaman, a recurring character in Akira Toriyama's manga. He drives a race car, and is committing speeding in series. At one point, he meets Arale and tries to lose her. The girl manages to catch him and puts a poop on his head. Eventually, Rocky loses his car in a car accident and the story ends.


Rocky was released in July 1989, in Dōjinshi Neko Jū Jisha to Sono Yūjin-tachi, a 185 page book that is a collection of original of short stories made by several different manga artists. Rocky was never published outside of this singular book.

Just like "Awawa World" and "Mysterious Rain Jack", Rocky is undoubtedly one of Akira Toriyama's lesser-known works. As "Awawa World" and "Mysterious Rain Jack" were cited as commercially unpublished works and had their first pages published in the catalogs of the Akira Toriyama Exhibition, Rocky went unnoticed in all publications regarding Akira Toriyama's works .

This work simply does not appear in any ONE-SHOT compilation and is not mentioned in any of the art books published later. Perhaps because it is not a story published by Shueisha,

Rocky is part of an edition called:


動 じ ん 誌 猫 十字 社 と

そ の 友人 た ち

This edition is extremely rare in the west, has an A5 format with 186 pages and easily reaches values ​​above ten thousand yen on websites of auctions.

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