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Roid is one of the two main characters in Akira Toriyama's manga Pola & Roid. He also makes an appearance in the Dr. Slump chapter "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!"


Pola & Roid[]

Roid is the pilot of an interplanetary taxi. One day, a woman calls Roid to planet Kongaratta. Roid is glad to leave the artificial planet he was on, Yakandagaya, because it is inhabited only by monsters and robots, no cute girl. He rushes to Kongaratta, thinking a beautiful woman awaits. It happens that the woman was in fact a teenager, Pola, who is accompanied by a robot. Roid is tired of space and wants to return to Earth, but Pola bribes his companionship with the promise of money.


Roid gets his gun

Soon, Roid's ship is destroyed by one of Gaganbo's men. Pola, her robot, and he must walk. The next day, Gagambo launches an attack on them. Roid easily defeats the evil emperor as in fact, all the inhabitant of Kongaragatta are rather weak, even huge dragons, and also because nobody on the planet tried to fight against Gagambo. Roid then retrieves a ship at Gaganbo's headquarters where two gorillas who were help captive by Lord Gagambo ask him to return them to Earth, which would also allow Roid to get there. The poor Roid does not happen to get rid of the sticky Pola, who comes with them to Earth as she fell in love with Roid and wants to marry him soon.


Roid running

While approaching Earth, the heroes are attacked by King Nikochan and his servant. As Roid read Dr. Slump, he has the idea to disguise Pola as Arale Norimaki. The young woman scares them off, but a mishandling makes the heroes time travel to Earth in prehistoric times. It is later revealed that the two gorillas they brought to Earth will later be known as Adam and Eve.

Dr. Slump[]

Pola and Roid are seen on Earth in the present time, running after Arale Norimaki and Gatchan with the other Penguin Village residents.