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Sankaku Sugata (姿三角 Sugata Sankaku) or Chairo Yamabuki (山吹茶井郎), is a wandering samurai that travels around the world and defeats many martial artists.



Chairo Yamabuki in the manga

On his way towards Penguin Village, he is challenged by Shiverman and defeats him. When he arrives in Penguin Village he meets Arale Norimaki, Gatchan, and Kinoko Sarada. He proves he is a good swordman when he constantly slash at a leaf on the ground cutting it in half, along with part of the road.

Arale takes him to her house to feed him some ramen, which is his favorite food. While eating ramen, he is stalked by Shiverman who finds out a way to defeat him.

Later in the day, Shiverman challenges him and brings out ramen to distract him, but Sagata still wins, proving he is still the best.


  • He is named Sankaku Sugata (after Sanshiro Sugata) in the anime and Chairo Yamabuki in the manga. Shiverman only appears in the anime. In the manga, Chairo Yamabuki scares an anthropomorphic bear on the road, and then tries to impress Arale and her friends with his strength.


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