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The first season of Dr. Slump Arale-chan aired from April 8, 1981 to April 7, 1982. It contains a total of 50 episodes (with 13 of them containing two segments), three specials (with one of them having three segments) and a 25-minute short film.


No. in series Titlecard Title Airdate
1a Ep1title Arale-chan's Birth April 8, 1981
Senbei Norimaki, Penguin Village's goofy scientist, finally finishes creating the perfect humanoid android. Her only flaw is that she is nearsighted and needs to wear glasses. Senbei takes her into town to convince everybody she is a normal 13-year-old girl.
1b DrSlump-Episode001 307 Hey! Friends April 8, 1981
Arale starts her first day at Penguin Village Junior High School. While introducing Arale to the principal Senbei meets Ms. Yamabuki, Arale's new teacher who Senbei falls in love with. While Arale is at school she meets her new friends Akane Kimidori, Peasuke Soramame and Taro Soramame.
2a Ep2title Arale-chan Goes to School April 15, 1981
All the people who are in the school activity clubs have asked Arale to join them, because she is extremely talented in all kinds of sports. Arale decides to attend all the clubs but, because of her abilities, she starts lots of troubles at the clubs...
2b Ep2btitle It is! ...not there April 15, 1981
Arale comes home from school and tells Senbei that the girls at school said that she is missing a part of the body that the other girls had. Senbei makes a pair of glasses that see through peoples clothes so he can see girls naked and find out what "body part" she was missing.
3a Ep3title Great Adventure with the Time Slipper April 22, 1981
Senbei shows Arale his newest invention, The Time Slipper a board with a talking clock that can travel time. Arale accidentally gets lost in ancient Japan with the Time Slipper.
3b Ep3btitle What's with the Egg?! April 22, 1981
Senbei gathers Arale and Peasuke to come along to a trip on the Time Slipper to the prehistoric ages to catch a dinosaur. While failing to get a dinosaur they meet Peasuke's prehistoric ancestor who gives them a rare egg in exchange for Senbei's lighter. When they return to the present the egg hatches and a strange angel like baby creature comes from the egg.
4a Ep4title Huh?! Is it a Boy? Is it a Girl? May 6th, 1981
After the strange baby hatched from the egg, Arale and Senbei try to raise it. They find out that it eats metal and is powerful after it survives a long fall after Arale threw it to high on accident. Later at night in the bath, Arale and Senbei discover that it has wings. They decide to name it Gadzilla but "Gatchan" for short and then keep it as a member of the family.
4b Ep4btitle Gatchan the Courier May 6th, 1981
Gatchan wakes up early in the morning and decides to pull pranks on the residence of Penguin Village.
5a 4th title My Friend, Mr. Bear!! May 13th, 1981
Arale rescues a bear from a cage and helps it to go back to the forest where it belongs in.
5b Ep5btitle New Invention! The Big-Small Ray Gun May 13th, 1981
Arale plays with one of Senbei's inventions called the Big-Small Ray Gun
6a Ep6title The Teacher is Coming! May 20th, 1981
Arale has told Senbei that a teacher is coming to their house. Once he hears this, he thinks Ms. Yamabuki is coming, so he has invented a barber machine to groom his hair to look nice. However, this barber machine is a failed robot.
6b Ep6btitle Arale is Kidnapped! May 20th, 1981
Arale and Gatchan meet a Bank Robber while playing outside. The Bank Robber tries to use them as hostages, but instead becomes fightened at them because Arale didn't get hurt when accidently shooting herself with his gun and Gatchan nibbled a part of his gun when he tried to it as hostage.
7 DRSTitle 7 Arale-chan Charge May 27th, 1981
Arale's day is a normal day to her, but it is not a normal day for everyone else! In the morning, she destroys a police car, and at the school she eats a bunch of whisky bonbons and gets drunk. That night, she starts having a stomachache.
8 ZZZThe Story of Donbe The Story of Donbe June 3rd, 1981
Donbe plays spiteful pranks on the people of Penguin Village. He runs into trouble after failing to impersonate Miss Yamabuki to get the school's fish and Dr. Slump is mistaken for Donbe. As Donbe finds out how powerful Arale is, he gets his foot caught in a trap and reveals to Arale how badly humans treated him and his parents. Arale invites Donbe over to Dr. Slumps to receive medical treatment despite the trouble the fox caused him.
9 ZZZThe Great Strawberry Panties Caper The Great Strawberry Panties Caper June 10th, 1981
Arale blabs to Dr. Slump about Miss Yamabuki's strawberry panties. Helped by Arale's animal friends, the professor conducts a complicated scientific process so he can get a peek at Yamabuki's panties. However his attempts fail, leaving him in a state of shock.
10 Ep10title Aah! Earth SOS!! June 17th, 1981
The Alien King Nikochan abducts Arale and Gatchan and is intent on destroying the Earth, but Gatchan eats the alien spaceship. While Dr. Slump builds a new spaceship, Nikochan is driven crazy by the positive reactions the inhabitants show towards aliens. The new spaceship is finished but never leaves the Earth.
11a Drslump11a Hip Hip Children June 24th, 1981
Arale plays with a girl named Kinoko Sarada, who helps Arale fit in with modern ways, but end in disaster when Arale and Gatchen put on a lot of makeup.
11b ZZZScary Scary Police woman Scary Scary Policewoman June 24th, 1981
Dr. Slump is antagonized by a crazy and quick-judging policewoman. The professor finds himself chased by the townspeople when he tries out his invisibility formula, until he sustains full body injuries.
12a ZZZTransform Ponpoko gun Transform Ponpoko Gun July 1st, 1981
Dr. Slump builds a gun that transforms whatever the gunner chooses. Arale uses it to turn Yamabuki into Slump's wife and then turn the doctor into a sea monster.
12b ZZZArale Flies in the Sky Arale Flies in the Sky! July 1st, 1981
Arale wants to fly like Gatchan, so Dr. Slump builds her a flying machine. After a test flight in it, Arale lands on the Weatherman's domain and plays about with the weather.
13 ZZZThe Terrifying Good Girl The Terrifying Good Girl July 8th, 1981
Dr. Slump chastises Arale for her antics. Arale's old acquaintance, Thief-San finds himself dragged into the house, but Arale helps him steal the household inventions, to Slump's chagrin. Still determined to prove that she is a good girl she takes Yamabuki's lesson with such enthusiasm, that she terrifies the animals of Penguin Village and puts the police through a lot of trouble.
14 Our Hero Suppaman Our Hero Suppaman July 15th, 1981
Suppaman has appeared at Penguin Village. He thinks he is a super hero, but everyone knows he is a troublemaker. The only thing he can beat Arale and Gatchan in is rock, paper, scissors. However, for some reason Arale starts to admire him.
15a Arale's Errand Arale's Errand July 22nd, 1981
Arale sees Akane's bra for the first time, and she starts wanting to have one too.
15b ZZZYay Yay Wildland Yay Yay Wildland July 22nd, 1981
Arale and her friends go to a safari park called Wild land. They get on a jeep to see the wild animals, but the jeep breaks in the middle of the jungle!
15.5 15.5 Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Huh!? Penguin Village Through the TV Jack July 25, 1981
This special was broadcast within the Queen Millennia TV anime special, "Summer Anime Matsuri Special: Arale-chan's Family Appears! Who is Queen Millennia!?" It is a crossover between the Dr. Slump: Arale-chan and Queen Millennia anime television series.
16a Drslumpep16b Living for Tomorrow! July 29th, 1981
Arale finds a camera which will show the future. She takes everyone's photo with the camera to see how the future will be 10 years later. All of her friends become 23 years old, but Arale is still the same....
16b Drslumpep16a Arale is Akane!? July 29th, 1981
Arale Norimaki and Akane Kimidori decide to change their appearance to look like each other and spend the rest of their day pretending to be the other.
17 Fear The Monster's Night Fear the Monster's Night August 5th, 1981
Trampire and a werewolf come to Senbei's house for fresh blood and money. Trampire tries to drink Arale's blood, but it's impossible since Arale is an android. Then, Arale and Gatchan start sleepwalking and scare the two monsters away.
18a ZZZThe Fairy Tale Machine The Fairy Tale Machine August 12th, 1981
Arale and Gatchan have gone to the world of fairy tales by Wonder machine. In "the Peach Boy" world, she becomes friends with devils and they start playing a game of tag together! Then, Arale starts changing the fairy tale.
18b ZZZShiverman the Hitman Shiverman the Hitman August 12th, 1981
The Bank Robber wants to get revenge over Arale Norimaki, and he hires the Shiverman. Arale, Gatchan and the Shiverman end up inside Arale's "King Kong" book by the Fairy Tale Machine.
19 ZZZArale Swims in the Ancient Past Arale Swims in the Ancient Past August 19th, 1981
Arale and Gatchan time slip to a "long time ago" to go swimming without telling Senbei! Senbei starts to worry because they are not coming home.
20 ZZZKinoko on the Loose Kinoko on the Loose August 26th, 1981
Kinoko's father accidentally eats her favorite strawberry. Kinoko gets so angry, so she decides to leave home and tries to become a bad girl.
21 The Great Space Date Adventure The Great Space Date Adventure September 2nd, 1981
Senbei, and Ms. Yamabuki go to outer space. While they are flying in outer space, Senbei wants to go to bathroom, so he decides to land on the closest planet. However, once they land on the planet, Ms. Yamabuki is kidnapped by a monster.
22 ZZZDumbfounded Senbei Dumbfounded Senbei September 9th, 1981
When Senbei returns to Earth, they meet old Akane and Taro. When Senbei tells his name, they don't believe him. Because, according to them, the real Senbei never returned to Earth since he left 50 years ago.
23a ZZZArale's Hoyoyo Date Arale's Hoyoyo Date September 16th, 1981
Arale and Bancho decide to have a date! Arale thinks "to have a date" means to hold each other's hand, so she starts holding Bancho's hand very tight.
23b ZZBye Bye Superpower Bye-Bye Super Power September 16th, 1981
Tired of being beaten by her, Senbei Norimaki decides to reduce Arale Norimaki's power to that of a normal girl.
24 Arale's big change!! Arale's Big Change!! September 30, 1981
A cricket jumps into Arale's mouth while she is sleeping. After she eats the cricket, she becomes a different girl. Now, she is very calm and very serious, so everybody starts to worry about her.
24.5a 24.5 Penguin Village SOS!! October 7, 1981
24.5b 24 Affairs of the Heart! October 7, 1981
24.5c 2 Anything is OK, Mr. Handy October 7, 1981
25 Episode 25 The Exchange Student from Metropolis Island October 14th, 1981
A boy name "Skop" transfers to Arale's school. He gets a huge shock from the move because Arale's school is totally different from the one he used to go to.
26 Arale eye caper The Great Arale-Eye Caper!! October 21, 1981
Dr. Slump fits a miniature spy camera in Arale to survey her activities and get a glimpse at Miss Yamabuki's panties. His plan works, but Dr. Slump proceeds to make a video recorder and sends Arale to take a bath with Miss Yamabuki, so he can record a video of Yamabuki's naked body. This does not work out for him with Arale being distracted and Donbe makes Dr. Slump's plan backfire.
27 Yay! a new friend Yay! A New Friend October 28, 1981
Arale and Gatchan find a dog in the street. They start liking the dog so they decide to keep it, and name the dog "Poo". They become very good friends.
28 Goodbye gatchan!! Goodbye, Gatchan!! November 4, 1981
Two aliens show up in Penguin Village. They accidentally dropped their child on Earth, so they come to look for their child. Once they see that Gatchan and Poo are playing, they finally find their child.
29 29 How Adorable! The Lovely Middle-aged Trio November 11, 1981
Feeling mischievous? One day, Akane and Arale trick their dad's into coming to school in women's clothing.
30 30 A Pounding Heart! Peasuke's First Love November 18, 1981
Seems like Peasuke has found his first love. Everyone wants to know who Peasuke's first love is. So Senbei invents the "First Love Spray" to find out who Peasuke likes.
31 31 The Araletouchables November 25, 1981
Recently, a lot of crimes are happening in Penguin Village. One day, Suppaman robs a bank. Polices arrest Suppaman, but he easily breaks out from the jail. A police officer, name Arale, starts chasing Suppaman.
32 32 Arale's Lullaby Dream December 2, 1981
Arale finds out Kinoko wets her bed, so now she wants to wet her own bed. Arale tries to dream about something related to water, but she still cannot wet her bed... So Senbei invents a pillow which will allow her to dream about anything.
33 33 A Masterpiece!? Little Cat Riding Hood December 9, 1981
Senbei tries to become famous, because he thinks Ms. Yamabuki will like him. So, he invents a Movie Machine to shoot a movie easily. He lets Akane be the producer and he becomes the actor of "The Little Cat Riding Hood".
34 34 Chivil, Hell's Messenger December 16, 1981
A tiny devil, Chivil, comes to Penguin Village to collect human souls. He tries to take Arale's soul, but she is way too strong for him.
35 35 Sad Sad Santa December 23, 1981
Arale and Peasuke believe in Santa Claus, but Taro and Akane laugh at them because they think it is so childish to believe in such things. So Senbei decides to become Santa Claus to show Taro and Akane... seeing is believing.
36 36 Messed-up Devil Girl December 30, 1981
A girl named "Morass/Witchpee" comes to Penguin Village. She is tiny devil Chivil's older sister! Morass/Witchpee tries to take men's souls in many ways, but she always seems to change her mind.
36.5 36 The Legend of Penguin Village's Heroes January 2, 1982
37 37 Arale's Musical, Cinderella January 6, 1982
Today's episode of Dr. Slump is extra special! It is a musical of Cinderella! Senbei becomes Cinderella and Arale becomes the witch in this episode! However, it seems like this Cinderella story is something different than the usual Cinderella story..
38 Drslumpep38 The Mysterious Dr. Monster?! January 13th, 1982
Dr. Monster's dream is to create a Kingdom, but he doesn't have enough money to create the Kingdom, so he decides to rob something from Senbei's house.
39 39 Showdown! Musashi vs. Arale January 20, 1982
Arale time slips to "a while ago", and meets Musashi, who is on his way to have a duel with his rival Kojiro. However, somehow Arale and Musashi start doing Rock Paper Scissors, but he refuses to lose to her, so he keeps on battling..
40 40 Our Hero Suppaman Part II January 27, 1982
No one cares about Suppaman, so he decides to throw dynamite all over everyone! Finally, the victims decide to get together to stop him from transforming into Suppaman.
41a 41a The Reality Machine February 3, 1982
Senbei invents a machine call "the Reality Machine"! This machine will give you a real version of whatever photo you put into it. So, Arale puts an unbelievable photo into the reality machine.
41b 41b Bikers at Dawn February 3, 1982
The Fly Milk Gang is speechless when Arale Norimaki and Gatchan want to join their gang. They eventually get accepted and their rivals, The Mosquito Milk Gang, appear.
42 42 Parzan, King of the Jungle February 10, 1982
Everybody in the jungle thinks Parzan is dumb, but he thinks he is a hero. One day, he starts a dual with another dummy, Suppaman.
43 43 Whoa?! Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom February 17, 1982
The police officers, Gala and Pagos, meet Arale on the street. For some reason she doesn't destroy their police car as she usually does. They start wondering something is weird about her so they decide to follow her.
44 Arale goes to M Island Arale Goes to Metropolis Island February 24th, 1982
Senbei, Arale, and Gatchan have gone to Metropolis Island, because Senbei gets an offer to be on TV. While Senbei is shooting the TV program, Arale and Gatchan start playing war outside of the studio and they start destroying the whole city.
45 45 The Devilish Transformation March 3, 1982
Akane realizes that she and Ms. Yamabuki are look-alikes, so she decides to pretend to be Ms. Yamabuki to trick Senbei. She puts on make-up and wears a wig then she goes to visit Senbei.
46 46 From Penguin Village with Love March 10, 1982
James Boton is well-known for handling "Poo" well. However, once he gets to the Penguin Village, he meets Arale who handles "Poo" much better than he does.
47 47 Caveman Hoyoyo in the Dinosaur Age March 17, 1982
This episode is different from the usual episode! Today's episode is about a long time ago's Penguin Village.
48 48 Chivil's Work March 24, 1982
Chivil tries to take Senbei to hell, but Senbei keeps complaining to Chivil that he should go to heaven instead of hell. However, on Chivil's record, there is a proof that Senbei has done something bad in his past..
49 49 Leave it to Akiko March 31, 1982
Since Arale is not good at both cooking and cleaning, Senbei decides to invent a new housekeeper robot, Akiko. However, after he invents Akiko, he realizes that she has some problems.
50 50 Yay! A Date for Mr. Copy April 7, 1982
Senbei makes a promise to Arale to take her to the Amusement Park. However, Senbei also makes a promise to Ms. Yamabuki to take her to a movie on same day! He doesn't want to cancel both, so he invents his copy to keep both promises.


in series
Promotional Poster Title Release Date(s)
1 Wonderislandmovie Dr. Slump Arale-chan: Hello! Wonder Island July 18, 1981
Senbei Norimaki loves Midori Yamabuki, but he cannot confess it to her. One day, they find a videotape of Senbei’s father. It is about how to make a love potion. If one takes it, he or she comes to love Senbei. It says that a booger from Senbei and the tears of Ogre-King Gyaska is required for making the love potion. Senbei invents a vehicle named Super Mecha "Ping-Pong", Senbei, Arale Norimaki and Gatchan go forward to Wonder Island where Ogre-King Gyaska is said to dwell. Senbei is such a unreliable man as to mistake dryer to a laser gun. But with powerful Arale and Gatchan with him, there won’t be anything to be afraid of. Well, will his wish come true!?


  • With the first 18 episodes (expect for episodes 7-10, 13, 14 and 17) as well as episodes 23 and 41, this is the only season of the series to have episodes be split into two 11-minute segments. The second special is split into a total of three segments.
    • With all of this, it is the longest season of the series.