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Shenlong (神龍 / シェンロン), called Shenron in English dubs of Dragon Ball, is an eternal dragon that is summoned when all the Dragon Balls are gathered and grants one wish to the one who summoned him.


Shenlong can bestow any wish as long as it does not exceed the power of his creator, who must still be alive when he is summoned. He is unable to restore life to those that have died because of old age, sickness or any other natural deaths. However, he is still able to prevent said deaths by restoring youth and curing sickness. In the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, it is revealed that Shenlong cannot grant the same wish more than once (e.g. bringing back those from the dead that have been killed before, etc.) and he also cannot grant a wish to defeat or kill a living being that surpasses the power of his creator (this means that the dragon cannot kill an enemy that Kami themselves are incapable of killing). Originally, Shenlong was only able to grant one wish, but after Dende recreates the dragon, he can now grant three wishes (two if one wish involves reviving more than one person).

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