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The Shiverman (びびるマン Bibiruman) is a professional assassin. He is hired by the Bank Robber in the chapter "The Siverman Cometh" and the episode "Shiverman the Hitman".



Shiverman in the manga

The Shiverman is hired by the Bank Robber to kill Arale. When arriving at the Norimaki Residence, all his attempts to shoot her fail, as she is a android. His car is eaten by Gatchan. When Arale uses the Fairy Tale Machine to go into a book titled The Great Adventure of King Kong with Gatchan, the Shiverman is sent with them. His attempts to kill Arale while in the book fail as well. He falls from a cliff and King Kong catches him, saving him. Arale and Gatchan are brought back to the real world, but the Shiverman stays in the book, with King Kong adopting him.


Shiverman in his Karate uniform

In the anime adaptation of "Am I Wicked Strong?!", he is shown to be a martial artist trying to defeat Sankaku Sagata and become the new champ. He ends up following Sagata all the way to the Norimaki Residence, where he sees that he has a weakness for ramen. He challenges Sagata again trying to distract him with ramen, but still lost.


  • The Shiverman's weapon of choice is a Mauser C96, a German semi-automatic pistol used during both World Wars, as well as following conflicts such as the Spanish Civil War, the Second Sino-Japanese War, and the Vietnam War. During the first assassination attempt on Arale, the pistol was fitted with a scope, a silencer, and a wire stock. The pistol was later destroyed when the Shiverman snapped it over his knee in frustration after discovering the weapon had no effect on Arale (and after shooting his own eyebrow off).