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Skop is a very intelligent boy from Metropolis Island.



Skop (manga)

His family moved to Penguin Village because his parents were worried that all he cared about was studying and that he had no friends. When he is introduced to the class, everyone thinks Skop is amazing and wants to be around him while he is annoyed and wants them to stay away from him because of their lack of intelligence and refinement. However, after seeing Arale solving all of the advanced math problems in his workbook perfectly, Skop gains respect for his new classmates and becomes friends with them. When he finally moves away again, Arale pulls a string attached to him throwing him very far.

Skop makes another appearance in Dr. Slump & Arale-Chan episode 37, "Arale's Musical, Cinderella".


  • Skop's and his parents' designs were based on the Vulcans from the Star Trek franchise. His name Skop is a mixup of the name Spock from Star Trek. Also, their house looks exactly like the Enterprise.
  • Skop's hair is blond in the anime, but black in the manga.
  • Sukoppu (スコップ) is a Japanese word for a small shovel. It is derived from the Dutch word schop (scoop).