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Slump is a police officer from Akira Toriyama's 1979 one-shot Tomato, Girl Detective and partner of the protagonist Akai Tomato.


Tomato, Girl Detective[]

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Slump is a police officer in Yoikora city. One day, he and his colleagues await the arrival of a new recruit, the very young Akai Tomato, 18 and rather pretty, who is assigned in their Police Station as an inspector. The girl arrives late at her first day, still wearing her pajamas. Slump is responsible to show her the neighborhood.

During their walk, he keeps rolling on the floor laughing at the stupidities of Tomato, which makes him bear his name perfectly, and he tells her about a wanted criminal named Kenta Kuraaku. Soon, Akai Tomato meets the said criminal in the streets and manages to catch him.

Dr. Slump[]

The Birth of Arale[]

Middle School Clubs Manga

Slump in the crowd of Middle School clubs

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He appears in "Which Will It Be?" alongside Akai among a crowd of many of the club captain's of Penguin Village Middle School trying to recruit Arale Norimaki into their club.


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