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Son Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball.


Goku is primarily seen in Dr. Slump wearing his Kamesenryu martial arts uniform. As an adult, Goku gains a transformation known as a Super Saiyan which makes his hair blonde and taller, as well as a higher version of the form called Super Saiyan Blue which makes it blue.


Goku is a goodhearted fighter who enjoys fighting strong opponents to a fault. He likes to give enemies second chances hoping to fight them again. He also has a playful, innocent personality and will protect to protect his loved ones.


Dragon Ball[]


Goku in Penguin Village

Goku chased General Blue into Penguin Village after his Dragon Balls were stolen. The first person he met in the village was Arale and the Gatchans. Goku went around Penguin Village, asking if anyone saw General Blue, but he had no luck. Arale eventually led him to Senbei, who could help him fix his Dragon Radar. After Senbei failed to fix it, Turbo easily fixed it for Goku and they saw the signal was coming from inside the house. Goku found General Blue hiding in Senbei's fridge. General Blue stunned Goku with his telekinesis, but Arale defeated Blue for him. After Turbo undid Goku's stun, Goku thanked Arale and said that she is definitely stronger than he is, not realizing that she was an android, and therefore not affected by General Blue's attack.

Dr. Slump Returns, But Only for a Little While[]

Goku is seen in Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While when he stops Dr. Mashirito at some point. He also appears in the cover of the 11th chapter, with Arale dressed up like him and his Dragon Ball GT version of him appears in chapter 36.

Dragon Ball Super[]

Goku briefly encounters Arale on accident in Episode 43 and neither of them seem to have remembered each other. In Episode 69, Goku battles Arale and is somewhat evenly matched with her in his Super Saiyan Blue form.

Other Media[]

Love Comes From Penguin Village[]


Goku fighting Bojack in Dr. Slump movie 7

Goku is briefly seen in Super Saiyan form fighting against Bojack in the background.

Dr. Slump remake[]


Goku in the Dr. Slump remake

In the Dr. Slump remake, Goku stays in Penguin Village for a while as he waits for Senbei to fix his Dragon Radar. There he attends school with Arale. The Red Ribbon Army's ninja Murasaki followed Goku over and attempted to steal the Dragon Balls while allied with the Nikos, but Goku defeated them with help from Arale.


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