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The Teapot Genie is a monstrous being that appears in Dr. Slump. He is a genie that was sealed inside of a teapot long ago by one of Bisna's ancestors.


The Teapot Genie is a large blue genie with pointed ears and a ponytail. It is wearing a vest with baggy pants, and has a gold hoop earring in both of his ears. The genie also has prominent lips and fangs.


The Teapot Genie is not very intelligent, and largely seems to be focused on eating humans, attempting to eat both Bisna and Princess Kasmat immediately after being freed from his teapot.


God Gets Even![]

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The Teapot Genie was sealed by one of Bisna's ancestors long before the Dr. Slump takes place (Bisna later surmises that this was due to the Genie's stupidity). Bisna intends to use the genie as his trump card in his plan to seize control the Nanaba Kingdom, but the creature was freed prematurely by Tsukutsun Tsun after throwing a rock at Bisna in an attempt to disarm him.

The Genie emerges from the teapot and immediately flicks Tsukutsun away, knocking him to the ground. It then attempts to eat Bisna, stating that it is hungry, but Bisna convinces it to try and eat Princess Kasmat instead. As the Genie is distracted, Bisna attempts to get away in his helicopter, but the creature shoots him down with an energy beam shot from its mouth. It then turns its focus onto Tsukutsun and his friends, stating it intends to eat all of them. Arale and the Gatchans attempt to stop the Genie, but both are swiftly defeated. As the Genie advances on Akane, Tsukutsun, and the Princess, Tsukutsun suddenly grows extremely angry, delivering a barrage of attacks to the creature before hurling it off into the distance. Tsukutsun then immediately snaps out of his enraged state, not remembering what had just happened and assumes that Arale beat the Genie while he was passed out.

Other Media[]

Dr. Slump films[]

Dr. Slump Arale-chan: Hoyoyo! The Treasure of Nanaba Castle[]

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In this film's alternate setting of 1929, the genie appears at the end of the film and is defeated by Arale.

Special abilities[]

Genie Beam

The Genie's beam attack

  • Strength - The Teapot Genie is extraordinarily strong, being easily able to defeat Arale and the Gatchans, and nearly defeating Tsukutsun with a single flick of its fingers, only being defeated after Tsukutsun enters his enraged state.
  • Beam Cannon - The Genie is able to fire a powerful laser from its mouth. This attack is used to shoot down Bisna's helicopter.


  • Additionally, Pintar, another Dragon Ball character, greatly resembles the genie in terms of his hairstyle and outfit.