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The Crazy Honeymoon: Part 1 is the 105th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga. Its sequels are The Crazy Honeymoon: Part 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.


After getting married to Midori, Senbei plans to set off into space with her on a honeymoon. Arale excitedly celebrates with him, before being told that she is not allowed to come along with them, though she appears seemingly oblivious to this.

Senbei proceeds to build her a jetpack in order to distract her and plans to sneak off with Midori, giving her a "Lost and Found Badge" in order to keep track of her in the event, she gets lost in space. However, before the two can leave, a group of strange pygmy-like creatures flies over the Norimaki house in a floating rowboat, seeing Midori and kidnapping her. Shocked, Senbei immediately climbs into his spacecraft and gives chase, with Arale taking notice and following behind him using her jetpack.






  • Honeymoon censorship
    This chapter and the rest of The Crazy Honeymoon arc feature censored art in later releases of the manga. The small cat people presented in the later publications of the story are small Tomato-esque people in the original. They were no doubt censored for their visual similarities to derogatory depictions of black people, which Toriyama would face again with his character Mr. Popo in the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • Unlike most censorship featured in the series, this change was done in both the Japanese and American releases of the manga.
Volume 9: The Crazy Honeymoon
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