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The First Day of School!
ZZZThe First Day of School
Dr. Slump Remake episode
Episode №: 1b
Manga Counterpart: Here Comes Arale!
Original Anime Counterpart: Hey! Friends
Previous: Attention! Here Comes Arale!
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The First Day of School is the second half of the first episode in the Dr. Slump Remake series.


Senbei comes speeding down the road cutting off Taro, Akane and Peasuke on their way to school. They remark


what a creep he is. He speaks with the Headmaster and is extremely nervous about how Arale will do in her first day of school being only two days old. The Headmaster assures him that Arale will be in good hands and brings out the beautiful Midori. Senbei nearly melts to the floor seeing Midori and fumbles over his words as he tries let Arale go to class. Arale seems fearless as she speaks with Midori about starting class. Near the end of this scene Senbei shows the first example of his serious face in the remake while speaking with Midori. Much to Akane's dismay, she is asked to help Arale adjust to being in school. The class is immediately given a test which Akane is bound to fail. While drawing on her test sheet not knowing the answers, Akane looks over to Arale to quietly ask if she knows the answer to the first question. Arale excitedly holds her paper up and exclaims very loudly that she knows the answer to all the questions. Akane feels like an idiot afterwards and Midori is absolutely blown away.

Senbei drives home with nothing but Midori on his mind. Meanwhile Akane, Taro and Pea


suke discuss which club Arale should join. Taro suggests she join the baseball club due to her immense speed and ability, but Akane interrupts and decides Arale should try out every club to see what she likes, though her true intention is to make money based on the decision Arale will make. Arale tries out the baseball club, track and field, volleyball club, basketball club, soccer club, sumo club and boxing club before calling it quits. At the end of the day Akane asks Arale in front of all the clubs which club she would like to be a part of. To Akane's horror, Arale says she doesn't want to join any and leaves which infuriates all of the club members. Arale and Akane walk home together and Akane says they're friends.