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The Great Combot Caper of 2013
Dr. Slump Arale-chan episode
Episode №: 68
Airdate: August 11th, 1982
Opening: Waiwai World (version 2)
Ending: Arale-chan Ondo (version 2)
Japanese Title: 2013年、コンボット大作戦
Rōmaji: 2013nen, konbotto daisakusen
Manga Counterpart: The Combots
Previous: A Romance Fairy Tale!! Tricycle Stories
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The Great Combot Caper of 2013 (2013年、コンボット大作戦 2013nen, konbotto daisakusen) is the 68th episode of Dr. Slump Arale-chan.


This episode is about the future... In the Momonga Kingdom, Arale and her friends are stealing a lot of stuff and became violent. One day, they feel very bored so they decide to steal a giant robot from Senbei's base.