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The Strongest Rival Appears!
R 34
Dr. Slump Remake episode
Episode №: 34
Airdate: October 14th, 1998
Japanese Title: 最強ライバル登場でございまーす!
Rōmaji: Saikyō raibaru tōjō de gaozaima-su!
Manga Counterpart: The Ultimate Rival!
Original Anime Counterpart: Arale Watch Out! The Strongest Rival Appears
Previous: Please God!! Don't Stop, Ms. Midori
Next: Ultimate Love and Justice... Arale's Big Pinch!
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The Strongest Rival Appears! (最強ライバル登場でございまーす! Saikyō raibaru tōjō de gaozaima-su!) is the 34th episode of the Dr. Slump remake.


Dr. Mashirito is tired of his robots being destroyed by Arale. He builds one with the same mechanisms as her called Caramel Man 004 and tricks him into challenging Arale.



Character Name Voice Actor
Dr. Mashirito Ryōtarō Okiayu
Obotchaman (debut) Motoko Kumai



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