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Three Days Before & Three Days After is the 170th chapter of the Dr. Slump manga series.


Senbei can’t remember how he put Arale’s body together. However, since Senbei hadn’t been featured in an episode for so long, he realizes that he has lost his flow. Ruminating on flow and the flow of time, he stumbles on the idea of using the time slipper to go back three days to examine Arale’s body. As he is about to travel back in time, the postman delivers a package without a return address (It is from Mashirito and contains explosives). Senbei has to fix Arale’s body before Midori returns home, so he hurries back to the time slipper without opening the package. By mistake, the time slipper takes them 3 days into the future. Before the time slipper can rectify the mistake, Senbei realizes that their home is missing. To investigate he visits the Coffee Pot. When Senbei greets Aoi Kimidori, she reacts as if she has seen a ghost. She recounts that, 3 days ago, Senbei died when his house exploded.

Senbei realizes that the package must have contained explosives. He travels back 3 days, retrieves the package and throws it as far as he possibly can. It lands close to Mashirito and explodes. Once more, Senbei travels back 3 days to examine Arale’s body. In the lab, he encounters himself from 3 days ago who tells Senbei that he could have just examined Obotchaman’s body since Arale and Obotchaman share the same design. Senbei returns back to the present and continues to fix Arale’s body. Mashirito has survived the explosion but is in pieces. While twitching he says “Goodbye Cruel World”.

Volume 14: The Indestructible Caramel Man 007!
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