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Diagram of the Time Slipper

The Time Slipper (タイムスリッパ) is a time machine that was created by Senbei Norimaki. It consists of a talking clock named Mr. Time and a slippery board.


Arale Riding Time Slipper

Arale riding the Time Slipper

First, the user has to turn the switch on Mr. Time's back, then place it on a slippery board, and push the button on the top. Mr. Time yells "Time...", runs and when it slips it shouts "... SLIP!!", which sends the ones sitting on the board through time.

The Time Slipper first appears in the chapter "The Time Slipper" and the episode "Great Adventure with the Time Slipper"; where Senbei finishes the machine and Arale Norimaki ends up using it and later returns showing it was a success. In the chapter "The Mysterious Egg" and episode "What's with the Egg?!", Senbei, Arale and Peasuke Soramame use it to take a trip to the prehistoric ages where a Prehistoric Soramame Ancestor gives them an egg that hatches Gatchan. In "A Far and Distant Seashore", Arale, Akane Kimidori, Peasuke and Taro Soramame use it to go swimming at a beach in the past. Senbei, Midori, Arale, and Gatchan use it to go fifty years in the past after returning from space in "The Dumbfounded Doctor", due to Taro and Akane playing them a joke, portraying older versions of themselves and stating that Senbei Norimaki disappeared 50 years ago as a revenge over Senbei who did not invite them for the space trip. In "Kojiro Is Waiting: Part 1" and "Kojiro Is Waiting: Part 2", Arale, Gatchan and Taro travel to the past and bring Musashi Miyamoto to the present, where he becomes one of Arale's new classmates, leaving Kojiro Sasaki waiting for Musashi on Ganryu Island in the past for eternity.


The Time Slipper in Kaiju Asobo

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