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Torahachiro fishing

Torahachiro is an anthropomorphic tiger who is a farmer in Penguin Village that takes care of small birds.


Dr. Slump[]

Torahachiro was introduced as an angry alcoholic gangster who was annoyed with everyone and many of the Penguin Village residents feared him. Peasuke Soramame tells Arale Norimaki that at one point he was a very happy farmer but he went down this dark path because a long time ago he took care of a baby bird and befriended it but it got hit by a Car. Torahachiro was brought back to his senses by Arale by buying him a bunch of baby birds and asking him how to take care of them. Afterwards he went back to being a farmer and starting happily raising the birds on his own.

Dragon Ball[]

In the episode "Penguin Village", Torahachiro is seen fishing with four of the baby birds who seem to have grown a bit.