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Turbo Norimaki (則巻ターボ Norimaki Tābo) is a supporting character in the second half of Dr. Slump. He's Senbei and Midori's first biological child and a true genius, far surpassing his father. An older version of him is seen in the follow-up manga Dr. Slump Returns, But Only For a Little While, and in later movies.


Dr. Slump Arale-chan[]

Turbo was an ordinary baby until aliens accidentally hit him with their spaceship, killing him. They used the technology on their ship to restore him. However, their databases did not have a match for his species, and they are forces to use an approximation. The procedure was successful, and the aliens return him to the place where he was found. Later, it is discovered that the procedure also had the unintended consequence of imbuing him with superpowers, including superintelligence, teleportation, flight, and telekinesis. Consequently, he already can speak and is a genius, able to create better inventions than his father's. He's sometimes seen helping his father with his work or fixing the mistakes in his father's inventions.

Dragon Ball[]


Turbo deconstructing his father's plane.

When Goku asked Senbei to fix the Dragon Radar, Turbo quickly fixed it with his psychic powers knowing his dad wouldn't be able to fix it. When Arale defeated General Blue and accidentally forgot to get the radar back, he makes a new one with the parts from Senbei's plane for Goku using powers. He also undid General Blue's telekinesis on Goku.

Doctor Slump[]

The remake ends with Turbo's birth, so he only appears in the last episode. Nothing about his powers and superintelligence is even mentioned.

Video game appearances[]

Voice actors[]

  • Original series & remake - Yuuko Mita
  • Dragon Ball (Latin dub) - Vanessa Garcel
  • Dragon Ball (Castilian dub) - Nonia de la Gala


  • Many generic babies shown in Dragon Ball are of the exact same character design as Turbo.
  • "Turbo" was also the name of Akira Toriyama's dog, at the time.


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