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Ultraman in the first Dr. Slump volume

Ultraman is a television superhero. Arale Norimaki is a big fan of the Ultraman show, and often pretends to be him in Dr. Slump. His Penguin Village counterpart is Nekotoraman.


Wonder Island[]

Ultraman is first mentioned in one of Akira Toriyama's manga in Wonder Island. Gyaosu, Gala and Pagos play war between Ultraman and Godzilla while waiting for the new inspector they summoned at their police office, with Gyaosu disguised as Ultraman.

Dr. Slump[]

DrSlump-Episode001 16

Nekotoraman bringing the Sun up

Ultraman's first appearance in Dr. Slump is in the episode "Arale's Birth" (he does not appear in its manga counterpart), where he uses a fishing pole to bring the Sun up and he is shown hanging on a tree in this episode as well. Ultraman was replaced by Nekotora-7 in a few instances in the Kanzenban edition of the Dr. Slump manga, like on the cover of the chapter "The Great Strawberry Panties Caper: Part 2".


Ultraman in the manga

A bust of Ultraman can be seen in Dr. Monster's King Gidora Mansion in the chapter "Dr. Monster". Arale disguises as Ultraman in "The Story of Donbe", to show Donbe that her too can "transform". It is shown that Senbei owns an Ultraman mask in "The Lovely Trio".

The ship of the invaders in the "Biggest Bye'cha of All" chapters has the shape of Ultraman's head.