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Urashima Tarō is a fisherman that is from a japanese legend of the same name that Arale Norimaki meets during her first experience time traveling.


The Birth of Arale![]

In The Time Slipper Arale mentioned that she saved him while almost drowning and he gave her a box when she was in the past with Mr. Time. When Senbei the box and he opens it, but it turns him old.

Other Media[]


Urashima Tarō makes an actual appearance in the film Dr. Slump and Arale-chan: Hoyoyo!! Follow the Rescued Shark..., where he appears to be dressed more like a Wild West prospector than a Japanese fisherman as the original story states.


  • In Dr. Slump, Urashima Tarō has the same character design as Master Roshi from Dragon Ball. Roshi is in fact based off of the actual folklore character of Urashima Tarō.
  • Also in Dragon Ball, Goku rescuing Turtle and returning him to the sea is a reference to Urashima Tarō's story (Bulma even makes an in-joke about it).