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Yo yo! The name's Tackytack, or just Tacky. I'm a huge Dr. Slump enthusiast and fanatic, a very rare find in the west! I live in Canada and am currently 15 years old. I grew up with Dragonball Z via my father's old VHS collection of the ocean dubs, and I've been hooked to that series even now! However, never would I ever think that I'd become an even bigger fan of Akira Toriyama's previous successful work: Dr. Slump. I found all 18 volumes of the manga in my local library and decided to read them due to my love for the dragonball franchise- and golly did it change my life. So creative, so funny, so heartwarming.. this manga/anime was perfect for me!! I would seek out the first anime adaptation about a year after reading the manga and what do you know? I love it so, so much. Just as much if not more than the manga version! It's all thanks to shiteater subs for providing subs to such a good chunk of Dr. Slump Arale-chan since bigger companies won't budge to localize it themselves! It's pissing me off nobody knows of the greatness of Dr. Slump in the west outside of Dragonball, and I will constantly advocate for any localization or creating a bigger fan community for everything Dr. Slump. My goal on the Dr. Slump wiki is to obtain the Dr. Slump expertise badge or role.. whatever it is!

I run the biggest Dr. Slump fan page on instagram: @/obitchaman ! There I post near daily things of anything Dr. Slump including artwork, figures, merchandise, anime shots, edits, memes and more!!

I will continue to love this franchise for years to come and I don't see my interest leaving anytime soon.

Top 5 Favourite Dr. Slump Characters

  1. Dr. Mashirito
  2. Obotchaman
  3. Senbei Norimaki
  4. Taro Soramame
  5. Dodongadon
God himself maybe

Quite the interesting list amiright? Despite my poster-boy being the great Obotchaman, my all-time favourite Dr.Slump character is the villainous Dr. Mashirito. Especially in Space Adventure.What can I say? I really, really enjoy Mr. Evil Editor-Scientist who names his memorable mechanical monstrosities after candy.

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