aka Belen Norimaki

  • I live in Agentina (Ctes. Capital)
  • I was born on September 12
  • My occupation is Estudiar, ver animes, escribir historias japonesas
  • I am Femenina
  • Belen.maidana.3388

    Akamaru Tsun is Akane and Tsukutsun's son, and the twin brother of Tsukiko, he have hair orange as his mother, an livin with his parents and sister in Coffe Pot.

    Tsukiko Tsun is Akane and Tsukutsun's daugther, and twin sister of Akamaru, she becomes a tigress baby if a boy touches, problem he inherited from his father, livin in the Coffee Pot with his parents and brother.

    Tsuneko Soramame is Taro and Tsururin's daugther, and cousin of Akamaru, Tsukiko and Poosuke, she is a typical daddy's girl.

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