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Go! Go! Nikochan! is twelfth volume of the Dr. Slump manga series written by Akira Toriyama. It was released on December 8, 1983 in Japan and in May 1, 2007 for the English version. Set in 1983, this volume most notably deals with the trip to Planet Nikochan and the Penseal arc.

Chapters & Episodes[]

Manga Dr. Slump Arale-chan 1997 Anime
141. Star Light, Star Bright 92. Shooting Star, Wishing Star ?
142. There Go the Tsuns! 98. Farewell, Tsuns ?
143. Go! Go! Nikochan! 117. Farewell, King Nikochan ?
144. A Nikochan Reunion 118. Showdown in Space! Arale VS Komattachan ?
145. The Horrible Truth about Radishes 118. Showdown in Space! Arale VS Komattachan ?
146. Hello, Deathmatch! 118. Showdown in Space! Arale VS Komattachan ?
147. The Thief Who Loved Books 103. The Thief who Loved Books ?
148. Gangsters Welcome 108. Welcome, Gangsters ?
149. The Kon-Kon Helmet 107. The Kon-Kon Morph Helmet ?
150. N'cha, Penseal! 106. The Yellow Carp Banner of Happiness ?
151. Yipee, Penseal! 106. The Yellow Carp Banner of Happiness ?
152. A Very Painful Christmas 138. Painful Christmas Day ?


Volume 12: Go! Go! Nikochan!
Manga Star Light, Star BrightThere Go the Tsuns!Go! Go! Nikochan!A Nikochan ReunionThe Horrible Truth about RadishesHello, Deathmatch!The Thief Who Loved BooksGangsters WelcomeThe Kon-Kon HelmetN'cha, Penseal!Yipee, Penseal!A Very Painful Christmas
Dr. Slump Arale-chan Shooting Star, Wishing StarFarewell, TsunsFarewell, King NikochanShowdown in Space! Arale VS KomattachanThe Thief who Loved BooksWelcome, GangstersThe Kon-Kon Morph HelmetThe Yellow Carp Banner of HappinessPainful Christmas Day
1997 Anime
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