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"Way to Go, Gatchan!!!" is the 172nd chapter of the Dr. Slump manga.


Gatchan 1 & 2 rescue a Gorilla from the wild and the Norimakis nurse it back to health.


The gatchans are woken up at 7:30 am by the explosion of a time bomb connected to a clock. The gatchans stretch, brush their teeth and wash their faces, and help each other dress. They wake up Midori by smacking her with rolled newspapers. They wake up Senbei by zapping him with beams from their antennae. They wake up Arale by firing a cannon at her. Morning sun is up in the sky, drinking from a bottle of milk and munching on a slice of bread. Senbei and the gatchans see off Akane and Arale to school. Senbei stretches and starts working on a flying saucer. The gatchans rummage through their toy boxes and find an inflatable tube and scuba goggles to wear. They fly to a tropical forest and meet a young gorilla who injured his right arm falling from a tall palm tree. The gatchans carry the gorilla on the inflatable tube, flying back home. Senbei bandages the young gorilla’s injured arm and places it in a sling. The young gorilla gratefully gobbles up a banana that Senbei offered him. The moon is up in the sky, enjoying a frothy mug of beer. The Norimaki family enjoy the young gorilla’s company. The young gorilla takes a bath in the tub with Arale and the gatchans and then goes to sleep in the gatchans bed. The next day, the young gorilla is watching Midori iron clothes. The inquisitive young gorilla approaches the hot iron and accidently burns off the hair on the back of his head. The Norimaki family share a good laugh at the expense of the young gorilla’s accident.

Days pass, the young gorilla’s injured arm has healed. The Norimaki family bids farewell as the young gorilla returns to his home.

Time passes. One night, Senbei is woken up by a sound. Alongside Midori and Arale at the window, Senbei looks down at a gigantic pile of bananas outside. Looking up, Senbei is shocked to see a gigantic gorilla with an iron-shaped bald spot on the back of its head, walking away from the house. Senbei, Arale and Midori smile and look back at the gatchans who are still in bed, fast asleep.

Good Night.

Volume 14: The Indestructible Caramel Man 007!
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