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Which Will It Be? (どれにしようかナ? Dore ni shiyou ka na?, lit. "Which to choose?") is the fifth chapter of the Dr. Slump manga series.


The chapter cover features Arale dressed as a witch flying over a forest on a vacuum cleaner. Senbei is also present, flying a more traditional broomstick.


To signal the end of the day at Penguin Village Middle School, a chorus of animals sings out a chime before one farts and ruins the tune. Down in the school, Taro Soramame seeks out Arale Norimaki before he is caught smoking by Ms. Yamabuki, and is rapped on the head for it.


Taro and the Track Captain arguing

When he finally finds Arale, she is being spoken to by the captain of the track team about the prospect of joining, to which Taro, who wanted her on his baseball team, highly objected. The two engage in an argument over who has the most claim to her, but as they speak, Arale is approached with an invitation to join the school sumo team, and a whole slew of other representatives of the other school teams and clubs, who all wanted Arale's superhuman athletic skills for their own. Ms. Yamabuki and the principal observe the situation and marvel at both the number of clubs the school has for their 65 students, and even question if all of Arale's invitations even came from their students.

Middle School Clubs Manga

All the clubs asking Arale to join

During this time, Akane Kimidori takes it upon herself to act as Arale's agent and charges a small fee for Arale's trying out for their club. First, she tries out for the baseball team, none of whom except for Taro and Peasuke take seriously until she effortlessly throws the ball so hard it sends the catcher flying. At the track team tryout, she jumps so high that she startles the Ogre Goronbo, and is airborne for four-and-a-half minutes before starting to come back down. She goes on to try out for every team and misunderstands and over-performs at all of them. However, at the end of the day, she didn't really care for any of them. She asks Akane what team she is on, and says she will join it, whatever it is. Much to the awe and disappointment of the rest of the school, she ends up joining Akane in the Sukeban Deka fan club.







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